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The numerical code of the formula can be any number from 0 to approximately 268 million. It is possible to use e.g. the existing company numbering system, formula codes, or part of the EAN code.

Reporting obligation and UFI codes

With the creation of Annex VIII and the update of the CLP Regulation, a new labelling element (UFI code) and a pan-European PCN portal have been created, connecting all states within a single notification system. The notification obligation applies to mixtures with hazardous properties that affect human health or have hazardous physicochemical properties.

What is UFI and what is it for?
The UFI or Unique Formula Identifier is a unique code that is required when reporting hazardous mixtures to the PCN portal and is also a mandatory part of the label. The UFI consists of 16 characters and has the uniform prefix UFI (e.g. UFI: U910-D0V9-D00J-R9D3). The VAT number of a company and the so-called numerical formula code are required to create it. More information about the UFI can be found on the web generator page.
What is PCN and what mixtures must be notified?
PCN is a portal set up by the European Union and managed by ECHA. It is intended for the submission of information on hazardous chemical mixtures. Mixtures with a hazard to human health or with a physical hazard shall be notified. The submission includes a UFI code, which is also a mandatory element of the label. The information shall be submitted in a special i6z format.
What does it take to create a UFI code?
To create a UFI, a company VAT number and a so-called numerical formula code are required. The numerical formula code can be any number. The only necessity is to choose a sustainable form of product numbering, so that two products with different formulas do not contain the same UFI. It is possible to use, for example, an internal product numbering system to select the numerical formula code.
What does UFI look like and where is it stated?
The UFI is a mandatory part of the label and must be in legible and indelible form. The abbreviation “UFI” is uniform, i.e. immutable in all languages of the European Union and precedes the code itself, which is always 16 characters long. The code is then presented in the format UFI: U910-D0V9-D00J-R9D3.
Who is required to file a report?
A primary obligation applies to importers purchasing a product outside the European Economic Area and placing it on the EU market, as it does to downstream users mixing their own mixtures or interfering with the packaging of a product. Furthermore, the obligation may also apply to distributors. This step must be ensured where the notification obligation has not been ensured by the importer or downstream user.
What information is required in the notification?
The notification extends the mandatory information compared to the original requirements. For example, a UFI code, 70% of the product composition, the type and size of packaging, product categories according to the European Product Categorisation System (EuPCS), as well as information on product hazards, labelling elements, toxicological information, and information on physicochemical properties are required.
From when does the notification obligation apply?
The notification date varies depending on the use of the product. For consumer and professional use, the notification obligation applies from 1 January 2021. With mixtures for industrial use, the date is 1 January 2024. With products that have historically been notified under national rules and have not changed their composition or classification, the original notifications shall remain valid until the end of 2024. From 1 January 2025, all hazardous mixtures on the market shall be notified in accordance with the requirements of Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation.
Who is the information transferred to?
The notifier shall submit information to all Member States in which the mixture has been placed on the market. This information is then made available to poison toxicology centres and health response staff. These entities are determined by each state at the national level.
Where do I get the numerical formula code?
The numerical code of the formula, together with the VAT number or company key, is needed to create the so-called UFI code. This number is fully managed by the company creating the UFI and can be any number from 0 to approximately 268 million. It is possible to use e.g. the existing company numbering system, formula codes, or part of the EAN code.
Where do I get the company key?
If the company does not have VAT or does not want to use it, it is possible to use the company’s UFI key to generate it. The key can be obtained in the web UFI generator and can be used to generate UFI repeatedly. We therefore recommend saving it.

How to comply with Annex VIII obligations

Numbering system

Establish a sustainable numbering system for your products so that each mixture has a unique number to use for creating the UFI code. You can use e.g. catalogue numbers or the internal numbering of your products.


UFI Code

After you have established a numbering system, assign a UFI code to each product. SBLCore software or a web generator can be used to generate it.


Registration in the portal

Go to ECHA and re-register your business if you do not already have login details. To send notifications, you need to request to be assigned a Legal Entity UUID.


Sending notifications

After registration, you must create a notification file and send it to the PCN portal. You can also use SBLCore software to generate the necessary documents and then link it to the portal for submission.


UFI codes

Using our SBLCore software

To simplify the work of these newly acquired obligations, SBLCore software can generate the required UFI code after entering the necessary information (company VAT number and numerical formula code). The VAT number of the company is used to ensure the uniqueness of the code and prevent matches with the codes of other companies.

In addition, based on the data provided in the safety data sheet, the software can be used to create a PCN format for reporting to the new ECHA portal. The software includes a built-in check of the mandatory information required by the PCN portal. With the help of validations, it notifies the user of any errors or missing information needed for the successful notification of the mixture to the PCN portal.

Companies do not have to worry about decoding information concerning the composition of reported mixtures, this information is provided only to toxicology centres to ensure urgent assistance in acute situations.

Software features

For UFI codes and PCN reports

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