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UFI Code

UFI or unique formula identifier is an alphanumeric code consisting of 16 characters. The aim of UFI is to simplify the identification of the mixture when making an emergency call to the Toxicology Center.

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UFI Code Creation

A company identification number and a numeric formula code are required to create the UFI identifier. After entering this information, the desired UFI code is generated.

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Using SBLCore

With SBLCore, you can automatically create the required UFI code and generate a PCN report file with one click.


What is the UFI code and how does it work

In accordance with Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542 amending Regulation (EC) No 1272/2008 of the European Parliament and of the Council, a new labeling element will be introduced. It is an alphanumeric code, the so-called UFI code (Uniquie Formula Identifier). The unified identifier consists of 16 characters. The aim of UFI is to simplify product identification when making emergency calls to Toxicology Centers and to establish a clear link between information provided to poison centers and the product (mixture) that is being placed on the market. The PCN (Poisson centers notification) system will be used to provide information.

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Who is obligied to submit notification?

The obligation to label the product with UFI code and to report to PCN primarily falls on importers and downstream users.

  • Are you importing products from states outside the European Community?
  • Are you a company that dilutes the original product and launches a new mixtures under your own name?
  • Are you mixing mixtures from mixtures or otherwise interfering with the formula or label of the product?

In this case, you are obliged to generate UFI and then report the information as part of the notification to the poison centers. Also, companies that buy ready-made mixes and then change their name, must report the product under a new name with the original UFI of purchases mixtures. On the contrary, distributors who only resell products and do not interfere with the product's formula or label are exempted from the new obligations.

What is needed to create UFI

To create UFI, a company identification number and a numerical product designation, the so-called numerical formula code, are required. The formula code number can be any number from 0 to about 268 million. Users can now prepare for the new product identification system well in advance. To create a UFI, the aforementioned numerical product designation is required. Companies must choose a sustainable form of product numbering to avoid confusion and code duplication. It is possible to use both the existing product code system you have introduced in your company, such as recipe codes or product groups, or part of the EAN code.

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Use of SBLCore software

To simplify the work related to these newly acquired duties, the SBLCore software can generate the required UFI code after entering the necessary information (Company ID and formula code number). At the same time, on the basis of the data included in Safety Data Sheet, it creates a PCN format for reporting to the new ECHA portal. In order to ensure the uniqueness of the code and to avoid duplication of the codes of other companies, the company ID number is used. In addition, companies do not have to worry about decoding information about the formula of reported mixtures, this information is only provided to poison centers to provide emergency assistance in emergency situations.

UFI Appearance and Presentation

How does the UFI itself actually look and how should it be presented? The abbreviation "UFI" is universal and remains unchanged in all European Union languages. It also precedes the code itself. The UFI must also be listed on the label. There are two ways to present it:

UFI: U910-D0V9-D00J-R9D3
UFI: U910-D0V9

By 2025 at the latest, this code will have to be listed on the labels of all products that are classified as hazardous to human health or physical effects. It will also be submitted along with other information from the Safety Data Sheet as part of a notification to the PCN system in a form of PCN dossier. Products that are not classified as hazardous or classified only as environmental hazards are not required to have UFI and to be reported. However, it is recommended that the code and subsequent notification is used to facilitate possible communication between the poison control center and the emergency call.

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Required information within the notification

The information required for notification was extended in comparison to the current system. For example, a complete chemical formula is now required, which means components classified as both hazardous and non-hazardous, the type and size of packaging, the product category according to the harmonized European Product Categorization System (EuPCS), hazard information, labeling elements, toxicological information and information on physico-chemical properties.

Notification obligation and when does it come into force

The notification date varies depending on the use of the product. In the case of consumer and professional use, this was set to January 1st 2021 (Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/11) and for mixtures intended for industrial use to January 1st 2024 (Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542). For products already registered under national law legislation that have not undergone any change during this period, the relevant notification remain in force until January 1st 2025. After January 1st 2025, all mixtures on the market shall be notified in accordance with the requirements of Annex VIII to Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/542 and to Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) 2020/11.

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How can a company prepare for UFI and the new reporting system in the fall of 2020?

Create a mixture numbering system in which each mixture has unique number within the desired range (0 to 268,435,455 specifically).

The numbering system is optional, for example the existing corporate coding system, recipe codes, part of the EAN code can be used, one UFI can be created for a group of products with the same formula, but it is necessary to choose a sustainable numbering system and to ensure that formula numbers of mixtures do not repeat.

Sustainability of product numbering is ensured by the SBLCore software, where you can always find the product's formula number. At the same time, the software is able to control your records and ensure that the formula numbers under one company identification number never repeat.
After the numeric formula codes are selected, create UFI for each product using the SBLCore or UFI web generator.

While generating the code, specify the Product Category (so-called EuPCS, which is based on the European Product Categorization System).

Using the software create PCN dossier to report to the ECHA agency portal.


How does SBLCore work


In our short video, we will show you:

  • database of hazardous substances provided with the software
  • creation of a new safety data sheet
  • automatic classification use
  • autofill function
  • view and export of a safety data sheet
  • creation of a label and label sheet
  • translation of a safety data sheet into multiple languages